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K-One Industries Pte Ltd brings on innovation with the key focus on “Green” technology. We strive on providing the future generations with sustainable and environmental-friendly solutions. We believe in creating values and competitiveness for our customers through partnership collaborations, openness and knowledge sharing. Please see Our Product & Services for more information.

With our strong global network and commitment as well as teamwork, we trust that we are able to serve you better. Should you have any requirements for these items or for any other waste water treatment, automation equipment inquiries, please contact our Sales Team ( and let us know how we can assist you to fulfill your business needs.

We are open-minded with our inventions and invite machine makers, technology developers and users to collaborate with us to extract values from these inventions. We believe that our collaborators can benefit from various stages of value creation relating to the inventions. For example, we offer attractive deals to license our technologies wherever our inventions can bring profit to our collaborators and deliver welfare to the society. Do feel free to contact us (enquiry@koneindustries.comif you have proposals to collaborate with us.

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